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Wednesday, December 17, 2008


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Jenny E. Rieu

By CG • December 5, 2008

Jenny Rieu’s goal in one word is to ‘entertain’ people. Jenny began working on her craft, by writing, singing, acting and ultimately modeling and dancing. According to her, hardwork and persistence is the key to anything you want to do.Because she simply can’t live without creating._She is a trained Opera singer (7 years at the Musical Center Maurice Ravel with Astrig Dedeyan), a professional Actress (Has worked on more than 35 movies,and 13 music videos and four different plays) has worked with acting coach such as Vernice Klier, Amy Werba from the Bilingual Acting Workshop, she also started to learn African Dance with Ana Camara at the prestigious Dance Center of Le Marais in Paris and won several writing contests with novels such as ‘Jenny Rieu’. Key words for Jenny are: persistence, work, open-mindness and eager to learn.


-Hometown:Paris, France


-What ONE Word BEST Describes You?Passionate

-Favorite Website:My Website.

-Zodiac Sign:Pisces (the most artistic sign)

-Orientation:I’ll skip the question…

-Status:Rather personal question…

-Major Turn On:Well, a major turn on would be to go to a Billy Idol concert, and feel the vibes of his performance. This artist can still rock it and he is sexy!

-Major Turn Off:Michael Jackson ! (just kidding)

-Describe A Perfect Date:The perfect date is the one with the man I love…

-When did you decide you wanted to get into modeling?I wanted to get into modeling for a long time. It’s part of being an entertainer. Being an actress and a singer, it became natural for me to become a model as well. Image is just part of our work as artists and to me it is just another way to express my creativity. I love it and I enjoy working with people who have different visions.

-What are some of your short term and long term goals?
Wow, I have plenty of them!To start with, I really want to be able to be a triple act, _ actress- singer- model. But I’m also open to other forms of art. I’m currently working on various projects as a model and actress and I would like to start my own rock band soon! I just want to be like my Idol, hear me Billy? ( ah ah)


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