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Jenny wears Ashley Graham x Marina Rinaldi bodysuit through navabi fashions, shot by Jason Kamimura Photography.








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Jenny wears a bodysuit by Primadonna Lingerie gifted to her by

Photo by Jason Kamimura Photography.


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To begin with, the brand includes a body positive line: "Rock your curves - you are the Artist and the Arte." right at the top of the About section of their website. And I immediately felt embraced and welcomed.


Artesands is an Australian swimwear brand that is crafted to perfection to enhance the beauty of your curves. Each piece is styled and sculptured with great bust support, secure contouring power mesh and beautiful fabrications. Designed to flatter and shape your body.


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Words from Elyse Kaye, the Founder and CEO from Bloom Bras:

“I’m a runner, dancer, yoga instructor and reformed corporate executive. I have purchased every sports bra on the market in my size. When I ran my first half marathon, I wore an underwire bra under a sports bra to get the support I needed. There was no skin left on my back from the hooks digging in and on the front from under wire. I wanted to develop a sports bra that fit real women like me.”

When Elyse Kaye reached out to me about shooting the campaign for her new sports bra " Bloom Bras " I got really excited, as I had been wanting to do something completely different from what I had done so far as a model. I have modeled some of the prettiest lingerie in the world from designers and brands that inspire me so much and allowed me to live my most Glamorous fantasies. But at the end of the day, like everybody else I am not dolled up all the time and I loved st ripping off the glam to create this edgier look.


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Five years ago, I remember being diagnosed with having 12 fibroids in my uterus, going through artificial menopause, and then having a c-section and a three hour surgery to remove them. I would look at my tummy after the surgery and attempt to angle myself in the mirror. I would tell myself I am going to lose that pouch because I felt it wasn't me anymore, at least not the Me I remembered.

I then found healing through wearing lingerie and I finally embraced the new me in all of these new gorgeous curves. I now feel unstoppable, empowered and I know that my biggest obstacle to achieving my dreams is myself. Every day I keep telling myself that I am worthy and that I can pave my own way and achieve everything I want to achieve because I have set my intentions and worked for it.

I am a go-getter and I will always cherish my creativity and passion for my craft. I have also learnt that by sharing my story and my love for myself I am able to inspire other women to do the same. And that to me is the most wonderful gift.

I will stay true to who I am body and soul and continue to adapt to who I have become. And I won't forget where I come from.So I am making that promise that I won't ever call myself a failure ever again and that to me is a true Self Love Letter.




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Jenny Rieu, un mannequin grande taille pas comme les autres

Elle s'appelle Jenny Rieu et fait partie des nombreux mannequins grande taille que nous suivons. Difficile pourtant de la comparer à ses collègues modèles plus size car s'il y a bien quelque chose d'unique chez Jenny, c'est son style !


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*Jenny Rieu is a model, Creative Director and Style Columnist originally from Paris, France. She has graced the covers of Pinup Alternative Magazine (US), Black Pinup Magazine (US), Your Business Vintage Magazine (U.K), Pure Vintage Magazine (France), Beauty Mark Magazine (Canada), Vintage Boudoir Magazine (US) and Pinup Life Magazine (US)


A native from Paris, France Jenny Rieu is a model with a passion for retro and luxury lingerie. Through her social media handles and websites, Jenny has built up a solid and organic following of over 100,000 followers who tune in to follow her adventures as a modern pin-up and entrepreneur living in Los Angeles.


Back in 2013, Jenny saw her body gradually change and she became curvier due to a medical reason. After that she had two options that presented themselves to her. She could either feel sorry for herself or take the power back to celebrate her new voluptuous size and embrace her new body by wearing glorious lingerie. And that’s when her love affair with Lingerie truly began.

Jenny soon realized that she had a bigger purpose and then decided to create content that would inspire women from all over the world to feel good about them and enjoy wearing beautiful lingerie.


Jenny is both present on the U.S, U.K and French markets through her global women based audience, working primarily with Luxury clothing, lingerie brands and beauty brands.

A unique branding that sets her apart from most plus size models.


Past and present clients in collaboration with The Lingerie Journal for her lingerie column

“Pin Me Up” include: Maison Fifi Chachnil, Curvy Couture Intimates, Harlow & Fox, Ashley Graham Lingerie, Dita Von Teese Lingerie, Scantilly by Curvy Kate, Etched Lingerie, Layneau, Addition Elle, Jane Woolrich Designs, Trashy Diva and



Harlow & Fox - Jane Woolrich - Trashy Diva - Maison Fifi Chachnil

( All photos taken by Jason Kamimura Photography)



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Jenny has also modeled/collaborated for clothing, lingerie, jewelry and beauty brands from all over the world. Including: The Pretty Dress Company (U.K) – Pinup Girl Clothing (U.S) – Top Vintage (The Netherlands) – Stop Staring Clothing (U.S) – Vivien Of Holloway (U.K) – Marilyn Feltz ( Paris) – Navabi Fashions (Germany) -– Nubian Skin (U.K)- Ashley Graham Lingerie – Swimsuits For All – - Maison Close ( Paris) –Marjolaine Lingerie (Paris) – Whiting and Davis Jewelry (U.S) to name a few.


*Collaborations with Marjolaine Lingerie, Dita Von Teese Lingerie,

Nubian Skin & Ashley Graham.

[Photos by Jason Kamimura Photography & Heidi Calvert Photography]




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